Basement Flood Cleanup

Have you descended into your basement to find standing water? Call Paul Davis Cleveland Metro today! Our highly skilled team of water mitigation technicians and restoration professionals are here to help with your basement flood cleanup needs.

Standing water in your basement is not only messy and damaging, but can also be dangerous. If your basement has been flooded you should call Paul Davis immediately so that the damage does not get worse as your basement sits in water.

Flooding CausesPaul Davis Restoration Cleveland Metro flooded basement

There can be many different causes of flooded basement, including:

  • Water seepage through the foundation from heavy rain or snow melt
  • Storm or sewage backup
  • Sump pump failures
  • Broken pipes

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

Whatever the cause of your flooded basement, Paul Davis Cleveland Metro is here to help. Our highly skilled and expertly trained technicians will assess the cause and extent of the damage and work quickly and efficiently to remove the water, dry the space, and complete any reconstruction needed. From start to finish, we will work with you and your insurance company to restore your any areas affected by the flood.

Paul Davis professionals are available 24/7 so that we can assist you as soon as your basement floods. Depending on the extent of the damage we may be able to fully restore your basement in as little as three days.

Flood Damage Repair And Extraction

The first step to cleaning up your basement is assessing the extent of the damage and determining the source of the flooding. Once the source of the flooding is discovered we will work to repair the source and stop the flooding. Our IICRC technicians will then figure out the best strategy to begin extracting any standing water.

Basement Restoration Services

Once standing water is removed from the basement we will begin water damage cleanup, by drying out all affected areas such as walls, carpet, padding and furniture. Any other items that may have been affected by the flooding will be removed, cleaned, and restored.

Moisture Removal Process

Any residual moisture will then be removed using specialized equipment and techniques that will help to prevent mold and Paul Davis Restoration Cleveland Metro moisture removalmildew damage. After all of the moisture is removed from your basement we will take on any other reconstruction or repair that is needed to get your basement back to its original state.

Working with insurance companies while recovering from water damage is stressful. We can work with your flood insurance company to settle claims quickly.

Call Paul Davis Cleveland Metro today, to clean up your basement!