Bio Cleaning Services Cleveland, OH

Paul Davis bio cleaning professionals are licensed, insured and IICRC certified to remediate hazardous environments safely and in accordance with applicable laws and standards.

Some events may be sensitive for homes or businesses. Fortunately, we handle all of our services with compassion and and empathy in your time of need. Our team can quickly bring a sense of calmness back to those impacted by unexpected events in a home, commercial property or working office.

Why Choose Paul Davis for Biohazard Cleaning?

High Standards

Our team uses cleaning products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent contamination. When we clean, we keep your location safe by minimizing the risk of spreading pathogens.


We understand you and your family members may be facing trauma. Paul Davis provides every one of our clients with care and compassion.

Fast Acting Program

We offer exceptional service when deep cleaning every one of our client’s private or public areas to help stop the spread of pathogens and contaminants.


Paul Davis provides the best way to discreetly and safely sanitize your home or commercial space. Our innovative system and modern equipment will help prevent the spread of contaminants and pathogens that create illnesses.


Our Cleaning Services

Paul Davis provides bioservices for any situation including:

  • Unattended Decomposition
  • Homicide or Suicide Cleanup
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Trauma Scene Cleanup
  • Bio Cleanup
  • Industrial or Home Accidents
  • Animal Waste or Remains
  • Hoarding Scenes
  • Forensic Investigation Chemicals
  • Sewage and Water Intrusions

Bio cleanup includes sanitizing and cleaning areas where a traumatic event had taken place. These include accidents, sewage and water intrusions, injuries or possible death. Cleaning biohazardous material often involves removing potentially infectious materials such as blood, animal or human remains, tear gas, chemical spills and more.


Cleaning Process

Here are a few steps our team takes to safely and discreetly clean your property:


Our team is ready to clean just minutes after calling.


We use industry leading tools and experience to stop the damage.


Our team of certified professionals protect and clean your property.


You can quickly return back to your location safe and sound.

Discreet Biohazard Cleanup Services

Paul Davis professionals ensure that their actions do not worsen the sense of loss for property owners. Our team of trauma scene cleaning professionals are exceptionally sensitive to emotional vulnerability following traumatic events. Our team even arrives on the site or crime scene in vehicles without any biohazard symbols marked.

Biohazard Defense

Paul Davis professionals are ready to respond to any hazardous scenes and follow strict industry guidelines and protocols. The team is highly trained and educated in specialized processes to complete any necessary work. Our cleaning specialists work in accordance with state, federal and OSH regulations.

Call Paul Davis for Cleaning Services


Paul Davis will clean and disinfect any biohazard situation. Our business is a rapidly growing network of more than 300 independently owned and operated franchises in the United States and Canada. For 24/7 emergency services, call us at (440)-834-1155.


    • What is biohazard cleaning?
      • Biohazard cleaning is the process of sterilizing and tidying the site of a traumatic accident or violent crime. It includes the removal of hazardous materials and complete sanitation of the immediate area.
    • How do you clean biohazard waste?
      • Cleaning biohazard waste is a dangerous procedure best left to remidation professionals. Any biological material must be disposed of in a dedicated biohazard container and the site must be thoroughly disinfected.
    • What does biohazard mean?
      • A biohazard is any biological substance or condition that poses a health risk to human beings or the environment. Such biohazards may include human remains and bodily fluids, as well as chemicals and hazardous waste.
    • Is mold a biohazard?
      • Since mold has adverse effects on human and animal health, it is considered a biohazard.
    • What chemicals are used in biohazard cleanup?
      • In a biohazard situation, such as animal waste or blood cleanup, experts use chemicals like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, thymol, alcohol, and benzalkonium chloride.

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