Commercial Water Damage Restoration Cleveland, OH

Businesses can never predict when water damage is going to strike their location. Water damage can leak into walls, ceilings, floors, furnishings and other areas of your facility. Whether it be plumbing leaks, natural disasters, roof damage, or other catastrophic events, Paul Davis is there to help.

If your business or commercial building has sustained water damage from a burst pipe, leaking roof, or intense floods, it is vitally important to remedy the problem immediately. Paul Davis provides 24-hour emergency commercial water damage cleanup services seven days a week.

Our quick response time can restore your commercial building back to normal from start to finish. One call to Paul Davis will dispatch our crews to restore your site quickly, helping you make sure your business is up and running. One of our 300 independently owned and operated franchises in the United States and Canada are just moments away from helping with any emergency.

Immediate Water Remediation

Immediate water remediation is crucial to commercial restoration for preventing issues down the road. Even small amounts of water left unattended can result in long term issues for your commercial property including:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Allergens
  • Unpleasant odors

You may find wooden structures like doors and windows begin to swell and warp if water damage goes unnoticed. Water damaged wood can even lead to the disintegration of other wood structures, resulting in costly repairs. Damage to upholstery, carpets, book, records and more come from the result of standing water that quickly spreads throughout the building.

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Here are a few important reasons why immediate commercial water damage restoration is essential to fixing your commercial building. We can help solve any size disaster, from small or large commercial building water damage issues. Remember to call us at (440)-834-1155 for 24/7 service if you need immediate commercial water damage restoration.

Paul Davis Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Paul Davis is the water damage restoration company that’s always there for you with 24/7 emergency service. We offer a full menu of property restoration service options, no matter the cause of the water damage. Our commercial water damage restoration services include:

Water Damage Assessment

First, our crew will locate and remedy the leak – even if it is only a temporary leak. Tackling the leak before trying to extract the water is essential to water mitigation. Once this process is complete, we move on to the water extraction process.

Water Extraction

The longer the water settles in your commercial building, the more damage it can cause. Our team quickly extracts all the standing water to prevent any secondary damage and mold from growing due to additional water damage and flood damage restoration.

Drying of Affected Areas

Our team specializes in using professional grade equipment to dry, dehumidify, and encourage air movement in any areas affected by water damage. Our drying process allows us to force dry air into the contaminated areas, which removes moisture from the air and minimizes any future water damage or risk.

Cleaning and Restoration of Possessions

The possibility of the contaminants and debris reaching your possessions may be high. No worries, Paul Davis has you covered. Debris might enter the property due to a flood or a burst from sewage pipes. Once the water has been completely removed, our crew will safely clean and disinfect the affected possessions that belong to your commercial business.

Remediating Mold and Mildew

Our team of expert restoration specialists remediate mold and mildew to prevent any future damage to the commercial property that may not have been seen in the initial water damage.

Locating and Repairing the Source

Once the mildew and mold removal is complete and the water is totally extracted, we can begin the repair and restoration process. Our dedicated restoration team handles everything from replacing removed items, starting from scratch, or sprucing up the commercial property area.

Reconstruction Services

The reconstruction team can handle any repair from building a small section of your building to a complete commercial rebuild.

Assisting with Insurance Claims

Dealing with insurance claims as a result of water damage or other potential disasters can potentially devastate business functions and operations. No matter the extent of your commercial property damage, we will assist you with filing claims to your insurance company to keep you back in business.
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Why Choose Paul Davis?

Few other businesses offer the immediate 24 hour emergency restoration services that Paul Davis provides. Our experts have been helping business owners repair and rebuild their commercial buildings from unwanted water damage. Trust our experts to properly restore your commercial building from any water damage while providing communication and consistent updates.

Water Damage Restoration Solutions

Our job is to get the building cleaned up and back to its pre-loss state as quickly as possible. Paul Davis is ready to assist you at any moment’s notice.

Our commercial water damage restoration team minimizes any interruption to your business, doing everything possible to keep your doors open during the restoration process. We can help solve any size disaster, from small or large commercial building water damage issues. When it comes to getting you back in business, restoration industry leader Paul Davis has you covered with more than 300 independently owned and operated franchises.


  • How do you clean up water damage?
    • Cleaning water damage is a multi-step process. First, the source of the damage should be identified. Next, water must be extracted and affected areas dried and dehumidified. Finally, mold and mildew must be remidiated and the source of water repaired.
  • How long does water damage take to dry out?
    • Water damage can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to dry out. With professional drying, dehumidifying, and airflow services from a water damage remediation expert, the process is much faster.
  • Is water damage structural damage?
    • Water can cause structural damage over time. Not only can prolonged water damage weaken structural integrity, dangerous mold can spread as a result of excessive water accumulation.

Call us at (440)-834-1155 for 24/7 to get help with commercial water damage restoration. Our services include water, fire, wind and mold damage restoration among other emergency services like mold remediation. Whether it be a plumbing leak, storm damage, roof leaks or other catastrophic event, Paul Davis is there to help.

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