Storm Damage Restoration and Repairs

In the Midwestern states of the U.S. severe storms and extreme tornadoes are expected during the winter, late spring and early summer months. As a consequence of snow, tornadoes, wind and thunderstorms, weather damage can happen in many forms:

  • Storm damages to your roof
  • Ripping or tearing off of siding
  • Large chunks of trash being left throughout your yard

Paul Davis of Cleveland strives to bring you professional storm damage repair and cleanup if your house is damaged by a serious storm. We work closely with our customers to customize storm damage solutions to your particular needs, and our fully-trained technicians are always respectful of your property and your time.

What’s Involved with Storm or Wind Damage Restoration?

Fair Storm Damage Repair Quote

Decades of experience around Cleveland have provided our storm repair specialists and contractors with the ability to handle severe weather damage. We provide you with a quote for the timeline and price of the maintenance and remodeling.

Whether you’re looking for repairs for your roof or fixing wind damage, you can rely on Paul Davis Restoration of Cleveland. By using insurance, bonding and licensing, our technicians are ready to handle any storm damage restoration task. We will also assist in helping you make a claim with your insurance company.

Paul Davis Restoration of Cleveland Metro’s Services

Our storm damage specialists are committed to making your home look like new after being hit by a major storm. We specialize in:lightning storm damage

  • Repairing wind-damaged roofs
  • Storm damage remediation
  • Electrical Refurbishing
  • Building Stabilization

In addition to storm damage covered by Paul Davis, we also offer mold and water damage elimination services that could cause future issues after a storm.

When Your Home Is Damaged by a Storm, We’re Here to Help

Repairing Wind-Damaged Roofs

A wind-damaged roof is a hazard that can lead to long-term problems. Without proper repairs, leaks and wood rot can occur, and unwanted pests may be able to invade your home or business. These issues not only make daily life more difficult but can cause property value to decline over time if not treated.

Paul Davis restoration technicians have roofing contractors available to work throughout cleveland if heavy rains and wind have cause your home serious roof damage. We are eager to assist you and leave your roof looking great with our fast and thorough work.

Storm Damage Remediation

Normal damage directly after a storm can consist of split gutters, scattered debris, and/or detached shingles. Powerful winds from storms can be extreme and inflict further damage.

Regardless if it is minor or major storm damage repair, we have got you covered. Tree removal, structural stabilization, and wind and water damage repairs are just some of the ways our remediation specialists can help.

Electrical Refurbishing

Humans rely on electricity daily for nourishment, warmth, and well-being in Cleveland and the rest of the country. This makes it a vital necessity. If a storm or something more sever happens to kill your power, it may be difficult to recuperate.

However, our expert technicians are always available for intricate and less invasive electrical repairs. If storm damage has affected your electricity, we’ll work with you to make sure all your electrical needs are back up and running in a timely manner.

Building Stabilization

Large thunderstorms during late spring and early summer can be devastating enough to wreck whole buildings. In some cases, properties need structural repairs to correct storm damage and return the property back to normal.

If your home or business is minorly damaged or completely demolished, we offer architectural conservation and reconstruction to make sure that your entire property looks fantastic.

How to Recover from Wind Damage or a Storm

Storm damage to a home is a tragic inconvenience. At Paul Davis, we are here to make the repair process as quick and painless as possible!

We provide total storm damage remediation services to our customers in Northeast Ohio, supporting you through nearly any natural disaster situation. Our professional technicians are trained and certified to provide a wonderful job every time.


  • What does storm damage mean?
    • Storm damage is the destruction of property caused by extreme weather. It may include damage to roofing, trees, building structure, or even electrical systems. Fire and water damage may also occur as a result of a powerful storm.
  •  How do you determine storm damage?
    • Storm damage can be determined by carefully looking at all areas of the property, both indoors and outdoors, after a major weather event. Missing shingles, broken gutters, and fallen trees are reliable signs. Indoors, flooding, or electrical problems may be related to storm damage.
  • What kind of damage can a powerful storm do?
    • A powerful storm with intense wind can tear down power lines, cause flooding, and spread hazardous debris in addition to sheer property damage. If not properly addressed, storm damage can lead to long-term problems for not only individual property owners but the entire community.

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