Affordable Fire Damage Restoration Services – Cleveland, OH

Fires can be devastating, but the fire damage repair and restoration process does not have to be. Here in the Midwest, destruction to homes from forest fires is starting to become more prevalent, but we are able to repair the damage, no matter what created it.

If you’ve experienced fire damage in the greater Cleveland, OH area, we can help you restore your damaged property. Contact us today.

Midwestern Expert Fire Damage Repair and Clean Up

When it comes to fire damage restoration companies, the experts at Paul Davis have been trained to repair houses from a huge variety of damage scenarios:

Fire and smoke damage is anticipated, but water from killing the fire can also be an issue in the fire damage remediation process and may even lead to a flooded basement.

If your residence has been harmed by smoke, our cleaning teams can skillfully restore that too.

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Efficient, Effective and Unique Fire Cleaning Services

The various blends of water, fire and/or smoke destruction make many fire remediation and repair jobs distinct. As a result, Paul Davis fire restoration services works with each fire situation individually. We take a personalized approach to the cleanup process in every home and begin repairs in adherence to how much damage there is.

Whether it’s commercial buildings or residential areas, no matter the birthplace of your fire, we will adhere to the following processes to ensure a wonderful job:

  • Establish the level of harm
  • Lessen traffic to hazardous locations
  • Remove water and dry the area
  • Smoke and Soot residue cleaning
  • Life post fire damage remediation

Determining the Harm Intensity

A Paul Davis Restoration of Cleveland expert will make a clear roadmap of the damage in each situation. It is vital to take note of every concern because it is critical to locate every area of damage restoration

It is important to be meticulous because damaged areas can be missed. Examples of this are:

  • Hardwood floor which looks to be in good shape at an initial glance could actually be distorted from water damage.
  • Fire could have deteriorated lower support joists.
  • Surfaces can contain fire residue that can be hard to see.

Building on top of issues like these would bring down residence values and add to costs later on, and those costs are less likely to be refunded by insurance.

Our thorough inspection will make sure the remediation project addresses all of the damage in a timely manner.

Reduce Traffic to Hazardous Locations

The infrastructure of your house and personal items can be damaged by water and fire. The unsafe locations of your house are sectioned off from the safe parts in order to protect your safety.

Eliminate Water and Dry the Area

Any remaining water must be taken out as soon as possible to prevent further disaster, which can be especially challenging during our chilly Midwestern winters. The remaining spots where water is not removed serve as the perfect location for mildew and mold to grow, which leads to rotting.

Our experts will rapidly remove the water and dry all spots immediately so that the water damage does not compound to further devastation.

Smoke and Soot Residue Cleaning

After leftover water has been expelled, our specialists execute smoke and soot residue cleaning that involves:

  • Cleaning residue from surfaces around your home (ceilings, walls and floors)
  • Sanitizing air and surfaces
  • Eliminating lingering smoke odor

By implementing smoke and soot cleaning services, Paul Davis will make sure a fire does not have a lasting effect on your home.

Turning the Corner After a Fire

After our fire damage clean up team has your house completely cleaned and sanitized, our professionals initiate the damage construction projects.

Our highly trained team specializes in:

  • Carpet cleaning and installations
  • Drywall replacement
  • Major carpentry projects
  • Many More

We restore and remodel even the toughest instances of fire damage.

Get a Fire Damage Restoration Quote Today!

The sooner a trained Cleveland, OH, technician checks out the fire damage at your residence, the easier and more painless the remediation will turn out to be. Get a hold of our fire restoration services without delay so we can begin a remediation plan.

We coordinate with your insurance company, make payment easy, and assist you in putting your life back together!

Fire Damage Repair Information

The process for fire damage remediation doesn’t need to be as devastating as the fire itself. We are able to remediate damage from fires, regardless of their source. If you’ve suffered fire damage, we can assist you in turning back the clock on your damaged home and restore it to pre-loss condition once again.

Expert Fire Damage Repair

Fire and smoke damage are anticipated after a house burns. But, water damage from extinguishing the fire is also a factor in fire remediation. When it comes to fires, repair companies have been certified to remediate houses from a huge variety of damage types. If your home has been damaged by smoke, we can skillfully restore that too.

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The numerous combinations of smoke, water or fire destruction make lots of fire repair jobs distinct. As a result, we work with each fire damage scenario individually. We take a personalized approach to each house and begin repairs in adherence with how much damage there is.

Regardless of where your fire started, we will follow some of (or all of) the subsequent processes.

Calculate the Seriousness of Damage

A Paul Davis technician will take in the scene, noting each factor. It’s very vital that each portion of the destruction be seen before determining a roadmap, as restoration work must be done in the right order.

For instance, a wood floor that looks decent at an initial glance could actually be distorted as a result of water damage, or fire might have weakened lower infrastructure. Constructing over issues like these would lessen property values and contribute to costs later on, and those particular costs are less likely to be paid by insurance companies. Our comprehensive inspection will make sure the restoration project addresses all the damage right away.

Minimize Foot Traffic to Unsafe Areas

The blend of water and fire damage can lead to serious dangers for your home’s structure. To protect your home, our technicians section off the safe areas from the hazardous areas of your home.

Pump Water and Dry the Location

Any remaining water must be removed as soon as possible, which can be especially challenging in our cold winters. Each remaining area can become an ideal spot for mold or mildew growth which can add to further harm. Our technicians will perform mold testing, get the water out rapidly and move to completely drying everything right away so that rot does not have the time to cause damage that requires structural repair.

Soot and Smoke Residue Cleaning

After the remaining water has been pumped, our technicians clean areas of your home such as ceilings, walls and floors. This includes the deployment of technology that improves air quality to abolish lingering smoke odors that most home fires leave in their wake.

Life Post Fire Damage Remediation

As soon as the cleaning and sanitization have been completed, our professionals begin the damage reconstruction services. We’re able to restore and remodel even the most difficult instances of fire damage. Our trained specialists perform a wide variety of tasks that include carpet installation, debris removal, drywall replacement and even major building projects.

Fire Damage Repair Estimate

The quicker a trained professional checks out your fire damage, the easier and more painless the restoration will be. Contact us without delay so we can initiate a repair roadmap. We work with your insurance provider, make payment easy, and help you put your life back together!

Recovering Chagrin Falls Businesses

If your business sustains damage from a fire, you will probably have to slow work for months and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to bounce back from the damage. When business owners think of fire damage, they frequently focus on the heat and flames however ash and smoke may hang around the property much longer. Furthermore, the odor these substances leave may stay in the air for years if left untreated and harm your business’ brand.

The professionals at Paul Davis understand how devastating fires can be. Along with emergency fire damage removal and remediation, we offer commercial services like biohazard cleanup, water damage restoration, and a number of other emergency services.

Throughout the Chagrin Falls region, Paul Davis Restoration has assisted homes and businesses like yours to recover from fires of all sizes.

Trust the Best

  • Assistance arrives promptly and is available any time
  • Accurate damage analysis, pretesting and estimates
  • Emergency boarding and structural stabilization
  • Environmentally friendly techniques for sanitation ash and other residue caused by fire damage
  • Sanitation, smoke odor neutralization and air purification
  • Contents cleaning- sanitation for your fire-damaged inventory or furniture in your business
  • Removal of moisture left from extinguishing efforts
  • We can restore any section of your business that was destroyed by the fire
  • Mold and mildew prevention

Call your Chagrin Falls Paul Davis Franchise

The Paul Davis professionals understand how difficult fires can be on business owners, so we act quickly to get your property back to normal. Our training, sanitation methods and years of experience help us complete the restoration correctly the first time. Ruined goods or furniture is typically easy to revive for our specialists and their equipment. Additionally, We will guide you through your insurance provider’s process to make it as easy as possible for you.

If your property has been harmed by a fire, storm damage, or any other disaster, call the fire damage and smoke removal professionals at Paul Davis for your free estimate.


  • What is fire damage?
    • Fire damage is any property destruction caused by fire. Damage may be directly caused by flames or may be due to intense smoke or other byproducts of a fire.
  • What are the types of fire damage?
    • The main types of fire damage are damage caused by the fire itself, smoke damage, and damage from substances used to put out the fire. Each has its own challenges when it comes to cleaning and repairing, and a fire damage situation may involve a combination of each type.
  • What are major causes of fire damage?
  • Fire damage is most commonly caused by cooking, smoking, or burning materials indoors. However, fire damage can also result from faulty electrical wiring, heating problems, and even electronic devices.