Residential and Commercial Contents Restoration Cleveland, OH

Content restoration applies to a wide range of different possessions that become damaged after a disaster from water, floods or fires. We are an emergency service and restoration company that provides extraordinary care for our customers personal belongings in their time of need. Call us for 24 hour immediate emergency contents restoration services at (440) 834-1155.

Paul Davis is the leading expert in the market for restoring contents including furniture, electronics, clothing and important documents. Contents restoration services are just as important as reconstruction during the rebuilding phase, as they contain everything in their home.

Disaster recovery is much more than the external parts of a building or property. Possessions inside the building need to be restored to their original condition before the disaster. Paul Davis’ contents restoration team understands the value of items is important to people. Our professionals know how to successfully handle the process.

Contents Cleaning and Restoration

flooded room

There are several things to consider as you start the recovering damaged possessions in your home. Keep note of your home possessions like household goods, furniture and personal belongings. Our contents restoration capabilities may restore your valuables just like new. These possessions include:

  • Jewelry, china and kitchen items
  • Linens, clothing and draperies
  • Leather jackets, shoes and boots
  • Furniture
  • Electronics like televisions and appliances
  • Documents, papers and books
  • Artwork

Our contents restoration services include:

  • Identifying valuables to be restored and cleaned
  • Packing possessions to be sent to the Paul Davis central processing facility
  • Advanced contents restoration through the use of industrial grade wash systems, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and freeze-drying systems
  • Returning your cleaned possessions promptly

The Contents Restoration Process


When your home or company office suffers from fire, flood, wind or water damage, it is important to focus on both fixing the structure and the contents.


Our team begins by evaluating the situation, including the separation of content into those that aren’t damaged, those that are salvageable, and those that cannot be saved. Doing so ensures that you are only paying for what needs to be repaired. We will work with you throughout the claims process to handle any questions you have with your insurance company.

Pack and Send

We then pack your personal belongings to be handled after a successful evaluation process. When items become damaged, they can be extremely fragile. Our trained professionals pack these items to avoid any further damage that is beyond repairable. We pack and send the items to a facility. From there they are taken as inventory, photographed, and inspected before taken to a cleaning facility.


For many, cleaning is the most important step in the restoration process. Our team of specialized technicians are trained and certified to use state-of-the-art equipment to restore your valuables. We do our best to restore every item back to its original state, even items first thought to be permanently damaged.

Our restoration team determined the best way to restore your belongings depending on the source and extent of damage. We use different tools and techniques like cleaning solutions and materials to remove soot, bacteria and even odors.



Once items are cleaned, the items are stored at the Paul Davis central processing facility while they continue to be repaired and restored to their original state. You can rest assured knowing that the contents of your home or commercial space are safe.

When the restoration process is complete, we then pack the items for delivery. Our technicians carefully unpack items and return them to their original place. Should your home or commercial space not be ready for contents to be returned, we will keep them at our central facility until your space is ready.

Save Your Contents After a Disaster

Paul Davis has successfully recovered contents for private residences, schools, hotels, financial institutions, and retail stores. Home damage restoration services can be vital when it comes to tracking inventory and salvaging sentimental possessions after a disaster. Our team of experts present you with as many cost-effective options as possible. Preservation and restoration services are customized to meet your needs when handling your possessions.

Our team of content restoration specialists are highly skilled in everything from rug restoration to restoring water-damaged furniture. When your contents have been damaged by a disaster, you can count on Paul Davis to have the specialized knowledge required to recover and restore your possessions.

We specialize in everything from salvaging prized possessions to restoring cherished memories. Our specialists work tirelessly to restore the items most valuable to you.

Choose Paul Davis for Contents Restoration

Benefit from Paul Davis’ 24/7 emergency services. Our team offers benefits including:

  • Providing our customers with the best-in-class services for their personal belongings and property
  • Listening to the customer, while respecting their values and needs throughout the entire restoration process
  • Taking thorough photographs of the restored inventory to provide quick access to their personal property
  • Ultrasonic cleaning, deodorizing, boxing and storing contents in a climate controlled and secure warehouse owned and operated by Paul Davis

If you’ve experienced damage from water, mold, fire, smoke or soot in your home or business, then it is likely that your contents were also damaged in some way. In some cases, the damage done to your personal property can be more upsetting than the damage done to the building itself. Paul Davis considers content restoration just as valuable and important to our customers as a home or commercial building.

We have the right tools, products and facilities to restore your property and its contents to its original condition. Whether your possessions are fine art or cherished heirlooms, furniture, carpets or electronics, we finish the job to satisfy your needs.

Contents Restoration Cleveland, OH

If your property is damaged, Paul Davis of Cleveland OH is here to respond to the call. We provide immediate cleanup services for anyone with emergencies. You can contact Paul Davis of Cleveland OH whether you have a fire, flood, mold or water issue. Speed is the key in the event of an emergency, and that’s why a team of specialists is there to help you with immediate care.

Paul Davis is aware of the steps to effectively fix and restore possessions to their pre-loss condition. Our skillful expertise is possible through skilled and knowledgeable employees that utilize the best tools and technology available. Call us for 24 hour immediate emergency contents restoration services at (440) 834-1155.

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